The project extended the Eastern Coast in the City Port Basin (Prince Domagoj Coast I and II) in order to enable high-quality mooring of catamarans. With the same intervention, the expansion of the passenger corridor and better flow of passengers, as well as other pedestrians using Prince Domagoj Coast, was made possible. Four catamaran berths were put into use. The extension enabled the functioning of the operational shore by separating it into a part for mooring, loading and unloading and supplying ships from a part used for pedestrian communication. At the same time, part of the operating area used by cars and trucks to board ferries was separated by a green belt.
The eastern coast was extended five and a half meters towards the sea, all for the purpose of improving the existing service and port functionality and increasing the safety of port users. Thus, the width increased from four meters to nine and a half meters. The length of Prince Domagoj Coast I, which was extended, is 135 meters, and Prince Domagoj Coast II is 125 meters. The newly created area of the operational coast is about 1,407 square meters.
The coast is paved with stone and equipped with utility equipment, lighting, supply cabinets for supplying ships with electricity and water, as well as additional green areas and decorative floor panels that visually separate the part for mooring, loading and unloading and supplying ships from the part used for pedestrian communication. It is important to note that the project enables accessibility for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. Thus, the project enables unhindered communication throughout the entire location, as well as access to the public traffic area – all without barriers.
The approved amount for the co-financing of the project’s costs with public funds amounts to 5.6 million euros, 85% comes from the EU Cohesion Fund through the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020”, and 15% from the budget of the Republic of Croatia. The project “Reconstruction – the extension of Prince Domagoj Coast I and II in the City Port of Split” is planned as the first phase of the project “Reconstruction and expansion of St. Peter’s Berth in the City Port Basin of Split”. With the implementation of the mentioned projects, the infrastructural City Port Basin of the Port of Split will be rounded off, and optimal traffic flow, service level and sustainable development will be ensured for the decades ahead.