The project resulted in the construction of two berths on the outside of the breakwater in the City Port of Split intended for the reception of ships in international and domestic traffic. They have been in use since March 2017. The value of the project is 23.3 million euros.
The outer berths were built to improve the flow of passengers and vehicles towards our islands and to increase traffic safety in the port by increasing the capacity of the City Port of Split. Two berths were built to accommodate cruise ships and ferries, especially in the summer months. The eastern berth accommodates vessels up to 270 meters long and is 245 meters long and 15 meters wide. The western berth accommodates ships up to 320 meters and is 265 meters long and 15 meters wide. Two ro-ro ramps were constructed for ferries with a width of 28 meters, over which vehicles and passengers are loaded and unloaded.
In addition, there are manipulative surfaces through which vehicle and passenger traffic take place, a connecting connection from the port area to new berths and plateaus for road traffic, passengers and utilities, as well as mooring facilities and navigation aids such as plumbing installations, electrical installations, public lighting and optical cables.
The minimum depth on the coastal line is 10.50 meters.