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Position and access to the Port

Port of Split is situated at central Adriatic and it is the largest port in Dalmatia. Due to deep protrusion in island area, the access to the port is enabled by coastal or internal access waterways through Drvenik, Šolta and Brač channel and “Splitska vrata”.

The passage „Splitska vrata“ is the shortest coastal access waterway to Port of Split. The passage in the length of ca. 2 M is situated between the island Šolta and Brač. The access to the Port of Split through Hvar and Brač channel in the length of 55 M is the longest access waterway from the open sea, and less used due to its length.

Coastal part of the City port basin comprises area from the west breakwater to the junction of Obala Lazareta and Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda, offering 2136,5 m long operative coast and 25 berths.

Eastern part of the port is protected from the south wind- jugo – by defence breakwater, app. 400 m long, and the port light is installed on the breakwater head. Berths 23, 24 and 25, intended for mooring of passenger and ro-ro passenger ships in national and international traffic are provided on the north (inner) side of the breakwater.

The width of the navigational waterway at the entry to the City port presently reaches 315 m. The subject width corresponds to the distance between the head of the east breakwater and the head of ACI marina breakwater.

Port of Split

Latitude = 43º29′ N
Longitude = 16º26′ E
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Time zone: GMT + 1h