The Project of Reconstruction and expansion of the Northern Port in the area of the Vranjic-Solin basin under the management of the Port of Split Authority will respond to the increase in traffic in an optimal way by enabling the transfer of cargo trucks for supplying the islands to the newly constructed infrastructure in the Vranjic-Solin Basin in the area of Stinice. The infrastructure improvement will be achieved by expanding the Port of Split in the Vranjic-Solin basin, where the operational coast will be developed with a total of seven berths, six of which will be for ro-ro ships and there will be alternative options for the use of berths. The project will reduce congestion in the City Port Basin and in the centre of the city of Split. In this way, the flow of current and potential traffic towards the City Port Basin and from the City Port Basin of the port of Split will be reduced by more than a third, thus freeing up the City Port Basin in the centre of the city of Split exclusively for passenger and car traffic, while cargo from the City Port Basin will be moved to Vranjic-Solin basin designed for freight traffic. The flow of passenger vehicle traffic towards the City Port Basin will be accelerated, the average waiting time for passenger vehicles to board and disembark will be reduced, and the centre of Split will be relieved of much traffic. Travel times and average waiting times for trucks will be reduced due to fewer working engine hours, and there will be less fuel consumption with corresponding reductions in air pollution and noise emissions.

More fuel will be saved when the trucks do not go through the centre of Split through the shorter route to the Vranjic-Solin basin. That will save more fuel than the ferries that will use the extended waterway will consume. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will significantly contribute to environmental protection and the fight against climate change. Therefore, the project’s activities will enable the achievement of the project’s goals, promoting and encouraging more sustainable and efficient cargo and passenger coastal liner traffic in the port of Split. In this case, cargo traffic is transferred from the passenger City Port Basin to the Vranjic-Solin cargo basin, as the functional specialization of individual port basins is additionally defined. The Government of Croatia included the project in the Strategic Projects of the Republic of Croatia. The value of the total cost of the project is 49 million euros. The project is in a mature stage of preparation, and most of the project documentation has been prepared. The project will be co-financed co-financed from EU funds.

New Passenger Terminal (City Port Basin)
To improve the flow of passengers and vehicles in the City Port Basin in the centre of Split, in the area west of the access to the “outer berths” next to the breakwater of the City Port Basin, the construction of a new international passenger terminal in the City Port Basin is planned. It will be a reconstruction by demolishing existing buildings and building a new building. The relocation of public and traffic facilities is planned there, including the Schengen border crossing. Most of these facilities, including the border crossing, are located at St. Domnius Berth in the City Port Basin in the Maritime and Passenger Terminal building. By moving the border crossing and international passenger traffic to the berths next to the Terminal, St. Domnius Berth, located in the centre of the City Port Basin, will be used for domestic traffic which would increase the operational area for local traffic by about 14,000 square meters, and thus will improve the flow of traffic in the City Port and shorten the waiting time. That would have a positive effect on environmental protection and the fight against climate change and create preconditions for increasing security in the port of Split. The project is included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026. The value of the project is 15 million euros.