Split Port Authority contracted the procurement of a hybrid vehicle from the SUSPORT project within the Interreg Italy – Croatia 2014 – 2020 program.

The SUSPORT project aims to improve environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in Italian and Croatian ports that are partners in the Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 program.

In order to better manage the environment in its port area, in October 2022, after the public procurement procedure, Split Port Authority concluded a contract with a selected supplier for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle for the operational needs of Split Port Authority. The acquisition of an energy-efficient vehicle with a hybrid drive will enable Split Port Authority to better control and monitor the port area, while improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through minimal CO2 emissions.

The purchase of the hybrid vehicle is co-financed by EU funds from the SUSPORT project, in which the total budget of Split Port Authority is 440.000,00 Euro . Project financing is implemented in the ratio of 85% by EU funds and 15% by Split Port Authority´s budget.