The project envisages the expansion of St. Peter’s Berth from the northern side and the extension by 53 meters. In total, it is planned to increase the operating area by 5,350 square meters and increase the number of ro-ro ramps for ferries at St. Peter’s Berth from three to five, which will contribute to improving the flow of passengers and vehicles.

These will be two berths 100 meters long, while other berths will be 108 meters, 147 meters and 188 meters long, with five ramps. One will be 30 meters wide, and four ramps will be 20 meters wide. The coastal construction of the berth extension was designed as a system of reinforced concrete slabs resting on a system of reinforced concrete frames at a distance of about ten meters. The width of the berth extension is of variable size and ranges up to 45 meters. On the part of the berth extension, in order to reduce the wave height in the harbour, it is necessary to create a reinforced concrete element with a partition in the underwater part between the berths.
On the elements of the coastal structure, space is provided for the passage of water and electricity installations. The edge of the coastal structure will be constructed by installing stone covers and stone linings. A port light is planned on the far end of the berth, which will be moved from its current position. On the northern and southern sides, the rehabilitation wall of the existing coast is being planned with a new reinforced concrete seal from the top to the bottom of the wall and a protective stone thrower and guard block on the south side.
Modular sanitary facilities, a ticket office, a cloakroom and catering facilities will be installed – a bar and movable construction, with accompanying installations and equipment. The ground floor and the surrounding area will be set up with plants and furnished according to the solutions of the surrounding areas on the berth.
A new water supply network will be constructed with a new location of the route and a new area of the connecting measuring shaft. For the purpose of the functioning of the port, new water supply networks will be constructed for the water supply of buildings on the wharf and for the garden hydrants.
It is planned to build a transformer station which will be owned by the investor, the purpose of which is to supply electricity to all future consumers of the project in question. The project included the external lighting of the berth. The value of the project is 14 million euros and will be financed from EU funds.