Split Port Authority

Port Authority Split was established pursuant to Decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the establishment of Port Authority Split („Official Gazette“no. 45/97, 155/98 and 72/11, 114/14) for the purpose of managing, building and using the Port of Split.

Port Authority is a non-profit legal person whose establishing, organization and activities are regulated by Maritime Domain and Seaports Act.

Port of Split, according its purpose is the port open for international public traffic, and according its size and importance, it’s ranked as the port of special (international) economic interest for the Republic of Croatia.

Dock areas within the competence of Port Authority Split

City port basin

Vranjic-Solin basin

Kaštela basin B

Kaštela basin C

Kaštela basin D – Resnik

Kaštela basin – for fishing needs

Port Authority Split activities are:

  • taking care of building, maintenance, management, protection and upgrading of maritime domain that represents dock area

  • building and maintenance of port infrastructure, financed from the budget of port authority’s founder

  • expert control over building, maintenance, management and protection of dock area (port infrastructure and superstructure)

  • ensuring permanent and undisturbed port traffic, technical and technological integrity and safety of navigation

  • ensuring provision of services of general interest, or those for which other economic subjects have no interest

  • coordination and supervision of the operation of the concessionaires that perform economic activity in dock area

  • deciding on establishing and managing of a free zone in port area, in accordance with free-zone regulations

  • other activities specified by law