Concessions at port concession area, as condition for performance of port activities, and other economic activities, use of existing infrastructure and superstructure, and building of new facilities ranked as infrastructure and superstructure

  • can be granted to a legal or physical person at request, that is pursuant to collection of written bids, on condition of fulfilment of terms prescribed by Maritime Domain and Seaports Act.
  • In general, the performing of one concession activity shall be granted to one concessionaire; however single concessionaire cannot be granted a concession for performing of all port activities.

Types of concessions and approvals:

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Concessions for the activity

  • fumigation, deratization, dezinsection and dezinfection

  • ship supply

  • vessels’ fuel supply (cistern-vessel)

  • vessels’ fuel supply (vessel-vessel)

  • cleaning, reception and removal of solid waste

  • cleaning, reception and removal of liquid waste and sea pollution by liquid and solid waste

  • goods’ quantity and quality control

  • washing and transport of laundry from vessels

  • excursion programme and transfers

  • unloading of bulk stone

  • collection and transport of animal origin by-products, not intended for human nourishment in international traffic categories I and III

  • mooring and unmooring of ships, yachts, fishing, sports and other boats and floating structures

  • acceptance and guidance of the vehicles for the purpose of loading and unloading of vehicles from Port’s area

  • public road transport services (autotaxi and tuk tuk) in the City Port of Split