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A port of special – international, economic interest for Croatia

Since its establishment The Port of Split Authority is continuously investing in port infrastructure, with the goal of providing excellent conditions and services in passenger traffic, as well as increasing the competitiveness of cargo ports and goods traffic.

The natural position and size of the port of Split, have enabled its rapid development and it has become a port of special – international, economic interest for Croatia.

Also, thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean (between Venice and the port of the Aegean Sea) port of Split is one of the most important port of call of cruise ships in the Adriatic, and its long history and many attractions attract thousands of tourists.

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Port Split statistics

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Tons of load in 2016.
Cruise ships in 2016.
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Public procurement – Bidding requests

Requests for bids 100/2016 tugging service
Requests for bids 100/2016 Protection Services of Port Authority Split Facilities
Requests for bids 100/2016 Pulling service
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Harbor hauling

not obligatory - VHF link: channel 14

Working time:
00.00-24.00 hours

The use of a tugboat should be announced 3 hours earlier and canceled 1 hour before.

Port authority

Obala Lazareta 1
21000 Split
Tel: +385(0)21/302-400
Fax: +385(0)21/361-298

Traffic Police Station

Gat Sv. Duje 1, 21000 Split
21000 Split
Tel: +385(0)21/307919
Fax: +385(0)21/307900

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